We get to make people happy! It is people like this who make the tour business such a pleasure:

My boyfriend booked this trip for me as a surprise and I was pleasantly surprised! We had a great time with Stanley, our tour guide. I learned so much I didn't know about one of my favorite places in the world. Stanley, being born and raised in the French Quarter, delighted us with tales of growing up and what has changed and what has stayed the same about the New Orleans area. Eric, from the Airboat Tour taught us SO much about the swamps and marshlands and their necessity to New Orleans and the environment as well. Erica at the Oak Alley Plantation was knowledgeable, kind and filled with great historical information. And Bryan at the Laura Plantation (my favorite) was funny, entertaining and even taught us some French! It really was an amazing day, full of wonderful information, New Orleans culture, lessons in history and excellent conversation. I don't think it would have been such a pleasant experience if it hadn't started with and ended with Stanley. We REALLY enjoyed having him all to ourselves for the day as we were able to talk about SO many interesting and different topics surrounding New Orleans, Louisiana and the South in general. We're Texans, so you don't find much more pride than you do in us, but when I'm in New Orleans, I REALLY want to be from there! If we hadn't been able to experience New Orleans from the perspective of Stanley, Eric, Erica and Bryan due wholly to Isabelle Tours, we would have missed out on such a rich and delightful experience!!!

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