So, what if Halloween is still months away, the dead (or the undead) still need a watering hole! Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar is one of the oldest bars in the US. And it is also the one with the most mysterious history.

We understand that paranormal is to New Orleans what Louis Armstrong is to jazz. We totally do. But a history filled with pirates, hidden treasure, and ghosts has to be the coolest one of all.

This bar was evidently used by the Lafitte brothers for their illegal smuggling operations. The place was used as a New Orleans base of operations for brothers-in-crime Pierre and Jean Lafitte.

According to several rumors, Jean Lafitte hid his part of profits – gold – in the fireplace located inside the bar.

Situated in the center of the Vieux Carre, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar has been a landmark for nearly 300 years. In addition to tourists and locals who go there to quench their thirst, the bar also sees quite a bit of the paranormal-loving crowd.

Hotspot for paranormal activity!?

People have reported sightings of Jean Lafitte wearing period clothing in this 1700’s Spanish Colonial building. Before disappearing into thin air (and scaring the Bejeezus out of the visitors), Lafitte apparently likes to make full eye contact.

Also, Lafitte is not the only ghost roaming the grounds of the bar. People have also seen an unknown female apparition who likes to approach the visitors and whisper their names into their ears.

That’s not all. Several paranormal investigators have said that there is a third demonic entity in the bar. The bar staff as well as the visitors have reported seeing glowing red eyes floating in the darkest corners, and sometimes over their heads!

Invisible hands have been known to grab at visitors’ cocktails and body parts. Many people have heard disembodied voices that, for some reason, command them to come near the piano. According to most visitors, it is hard to not feel or see or hear the multiple apparitions that seem to reside in the bar.

Spiritual mediums also like to visit the bar; they say that Lafitte’s bar attracts so many ghosts because spirits like to hang out at places where they used to hang out when they were still alive!

Visiting Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Want to go back in time when pirates ruled the Crescent City? This bar is still the same as it was back then, i.e., no significant changes have been made ever since its construction almost 300 years ago.

Whether you are hunting for ghosts, want to see a neat old building, or just need a good drink, we recommend checking this place out!

Give their Hurricane a try, it is so deceptively powerful. Or, you could book a walking ghost tour, which is guided by a tour guide named Bloody Mary. For more information about the bar, you can check out their official website.