We have been getting quite a few concerned tourists calling and wondering if New Orleans will flood due to the swelling of the Mississippi River. We want all of our customers to rest assured that New Orleans is protected from the River waters by a complex water protection system.  One of its impressive structures is called the Bonnet Carre Spillway. This component of our system is designed to release excess River water into Lake Pontchartrain, should the Mississippi rise above the level the levees are designed to handle. It's like a safety net. New Orleanians have been dealing with water control for centuries and in 1931 this Spillway was completed. In the past 85 years, it has only been opened 10 times, the latest being in 2011. The spillway is set to open for the 11th time this Sunday, January 10th. The general public is allowed to view the spillway opening from the Project Office, located at 16302 River Road in Norco, Louisiana. You can also learn more about our water management system on our City and Katrina Tour!