Cast Iron Door on Chartres St:

A quick glance at almost any old building in New Orleans and you're sure to spot some decorative cast iron, whether in a fence, on a window, or covering a door. These beautiful artistic touches are a long standing staple of architecture in the Crescent City, and may be most prominent today in the historic French Quarter. Using cast iron for doors and balconies in the French Quarter was a tradition started by the Spanish Creoles in the second half of the 18th century. Cast iron was a convenient ballast weight for tall ships coming across the Atlantic from Spain in the 1800's so it made perfect sense to transport it to the new world. The merchants were sure to sell the iron work easily upon arrival in the port of New Orleans as the Creoles loved using cast iron to adorn their Vieux Carre (French Quarter) homes. The cast iron became so iconic in the city, that it remains a popular architectural add-on today as new homes and remodels seek to capture the classic look of New Orleans.