Hump Day Featured Tour

Tomorrow is Hump Day and we're featuring our Cajun Bayou Tour! This is one of my absolute favorite tours as you get to see beautiful, isolated bayou and travel down the bayou in a covered cajun boat–a peaceful and serene visit to the Louisiana swamp. With the beautiful weather we've been having you're sure to see some gators (psst…you might even get to feed some!). And the best part? The boat is captained by one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable cajuns you'll ever meet. Mr. Torres' family has lived in the swamp for five generations; he is a fur trapper and alligator hunter by trade and just loves to tell people all about life in the swamp. Plus, he can give you a rundown of the touch and don't touch of swamp vegetation. As a little bit of something extra–a lagniappe if you want to sound local–you can also check out Mrs. Torres' pheasants before or after the boat tour. We only have a few seats left, so call soon to reserve your seats for tomorrow afternoon!

Want more info? Find it here. Want a reservation? Contact us here or simply call (504) 398-0365.

Feeling the Post-Katrina Love

Recently we were fortunate enough to have a real treat on one of our tours; a gentleman by the name of Tom, who works at a Northeastern university, has been bringing groups of students to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding efforts periodically over the past six years. Tom joined us on our Post-Katrina Tour and really helped make the tour special by providing some insight from someone who has helped build the homes in Musicians Village, one of the areas showcased on the tour. But most of all, it is so wonderful and gratifying for us to see the passion and sincerity of all the people who have helped–and are continuing to help–rebuild and restore this fantastic city. In Tom's own words, which you can view on Trip Advisor:

Opening Up a New Perspective: I've visited NOLA over 12 times since Katrina hit.

Over these past 6 years we have brought down over 3000 college volunteers from the campuses of New England.

It was helpful to get a tour of the entire New Orleans area since my perspective has been working in the Ninth Ward. Joe did a great job of giving us an expansive picture of the damage done and was a very friendly ambassador of New Orleans.

Thank you so much, Tom–and thank you to everyone who has been a part of our recovery. We love you all!

Want more information on our Post-Katrina Tour? Click here to view the tour description and here to submit a reservation request, or simply call us (we'd love to chat!) at (504) 398-0365.

Fans of the Grand Tour!

A recent visitor from Idaho loved our Grand Tour! Here is what she wrote on TripAdvisor:

We did the Grand Tour which is a tour of two plantations and a swamp tour. Our tour guide, Diane, was wonderful. She gave us history during the trip to the plantations, not only on the plantations but a little bit of everything in New Orleans. The two different plantations that we visited were of different styles. The first one we got more of a history tour and the second one was more of a tour of beauty. The swamp tour was just as enjoyable. This was an all day tour that included lunch at the second plantation. Worth every bit of the money paid.

If anyone else wants to join us on one of our Grand Tours, we have some seats available on Friday's Grand Tour with Bayou Boat–click here to reserve or call us today (504) 398-0365!

Featured Tour for Monday, September 12

We've got a great deal for anyone interested in plantations and alligators! Our Grand Tour starts the day with a thrilling airboat ride, heads over to Oak Alley Plantation for a delicious lunch, and then tours the plantation before traveling back in time at Laura Plantation where you can see authentic creole architecture and slave cabins! Give us a call, (504) 398-0365 to reserve seats or click here.

Visit Laura Plantation!

CJSan visited us recently and had these wonderful words to say about our Westbank Plantation Tour on Trip Advisor:

Joseph was very kind and friendly. He was willing to answer any questions about restaurants, history of, or things todo around the city. He even told me about a 2$ bus to the airport that saved me a ton of money!

One of the fabulous plantations featured on the Westbank Plantation Tour is Laura: A Creole Plantation. If you want to see some authentic Creole architecture and take an incredible journey back in time, have your passport ready as you enter the fascinating world of Louisiana Creoles who, at Laura, lived apart from the American mainstream for over 200 years. Laura's acclaimed guided tour is based upon personal, compelling accounts found in the French National Archives as well as from Laura's Plantation Memoirs about life on this historic farm. Laura was built in 1805, and is still surrounded by sugarcane with 12 buildings on the National Register, formal and kitchen gardens, and authentic slave cabins.

Thank you, CJSan–and if anyone else would like to enjoy one of our wonderful plantation tours you can check them out here or simply contact us! More information on Laura can be found at their website.