Hurricane Katrina Relic Turns Into Historic Monument

This single story brick home has been a stop on our City and Katrina Tour and our Post Katrina Tour for years and we are not the only ones that think it’s an educational piece of history! An organization called just got approval from the New Orleans city council to turn this house into a historic monument, a replica of what hundreds of houses near the levee breaches looked like after The Storm.  When the floodwaters subsided after our beloved city was inundated with water due to multiple levee failures, what was left of the city, its neighborhoods, and its homes was tragic to say the least. Naturally, the people of New Orleans worked tirelessly to rid the city of debris and return their homes and their neighborhoods to their Pre-Katrina state. Now, 11 years later, this structure is one of few that remains vacant, nearly untouched since the storm. Most homes affected by the flooding were either washed away, demolished, or renovated. Since New Orleans has done a commendable job recovering from the tragedy, the city council agrees that preserving a piece of disaster history can be a good thing. It is something that really hasn’t been done before, but we are a place where our past is integral to our present and can’t be forgotten.

Progress report – 11 Years Post Katrina

The week marks the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the storm that flooded 80% of our beloved city of New Orleans, took the lives of 1,833 of its devoted citizens, and caused $151 billion in damage to our region. There was a time (a long time) when all the stories surrounding this catastrophic event were stories of loss, hardship, and destruction. But there was a turning point sometime in the past 11 years where the stories of recovery turned to rediscovery, when people who once talked of surviving began thriving, and those who lost were poised to gain. It’s safe to say that New Orleans HAS indeed made a come back, and a proud one at that. Since Katrina, our economy has grown in the face of a nationwide recession, we’ve won a Super Bowl, and we’ve had a steady growing population, just to name a few achievements. While we still have our issues, namely an unacceptable crime rate and many families still displaced from the storm, our city is definitely transforming for the better. Since the storm, there has been an influx of young people resolute on calling New Orleans home. This expanding population consists of volunteers rebuilding houses, entrepreneurs starting businesses, and natives coming home to start families. All of these individuals have collectively put the Crescent City back on its feet. In 2014, we had nearly 10 million visitors spend over $6.8 billion, the most tourism dollars recorded in the city’s history! That’s something we can be proud of and we are thankful to our local communities and visitors alike for the success we’ve achieved.

New Orleans is Not Flooded!

We’ve been getting questions and concerns about flooding in New Orleans and we would like to reassure all of our visitors that New Orleans is not flooded! Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our friends and relatives in Baton Rouge where the water is rising, and we are grateful that the storm has not affected New Orleans.

We have a new reservation system! Book with us online!

It’s official! We have laid our old handwritten reservation books to rest. While they have served us well over the past 37 years, we’ve upgraded to an online reservation system so our customers can conveniently book tours online directly through our website! Just click the Book Now button on the specific tour page. Of course we are still in the office 7 days a week, 8AM-8PM so you can always call us with any questions at 504-398-0365. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for working with us during our transition! And a special thanks to the Peek team for their patience in setting up our new and improved online booking system!

Memorial Day Service at the WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum celebrate the teamwork, optimism, courage, and sacrifices of the men and women who fought on the battlefront and served on the homefront in the war that changed the world. A special memorial service for these men and women and their descendants will be held Monday, May 30th at the museum in commemoration of their selfless service. The ceremony will commence at 10:30AM with music from the Marine Corps Band New Orleans Brass Quintet, followed by personal tributes from relatives. If you are unable to attend, watch the live stream of Monday’s events here

Thank you to all active military and veterans for your service.

Grease, Music, Pretty Ladies, & Celebrities!

This Friday is the 46th Annual Greasing of the Poles Ceremony, a favorite carnival tradition! The Royal Sonesta hotel has historically oiled up their balcony poles to deter overly zealous revelers from shimmying up to the coveted balcony space. What started as a practical solution to a serious problem, has (naturally, in the spirit of New Orleans) become a reason to party! This event starts at 10AM Friday morning at the Royal Sonesta hotel. Bryan Blatt will host, local ladies will apply the grease, and a panel of celebrity guests will judge.  It's one of those only in New Orleans events you just have to see!