Here in Louisiana, we not only love our food, but we really appreciate it–we even have an entire festival dedicated to just our tomatoes! The Creole Tomato Festival is a celebration of our farmers, produce, and  our uniquely cultural cuisine, all of which are perfectly represented by our signature homegrown tomatoes. Creole tomatoes were originally imported from the West Indies, and they thrive in our rich alluvial soil here on the banks of the Mississippi. The climate is perfect for them as well; many tomatoes will wilt and wither in the heat and humidity of sub-tropical New Orleans, but the Creole tomato is made of hardier stuff. This year’s Creole Tomato Festival will be partnerning with the Cajun-Zydeco Festival, so not only will there be plenty of tasty tomatoes (and other foods) but there will be great music as well in the French Quarter this weekend! The festival starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday, so be sure to check it out while you’re downtown.