Portraits in a New Orleans Cotton Office

Over the years, New Orleans has been known for many notable residents. One of the more prestigious was Edgar Degas, the famed French painter. Even before moving to New Orleans in 1872 Degas had strong connections to the city as his mother, Célestine Musson De Gas, was a New Orleanian Creole. Degas found a great deal of inspiration and success in New Orleans, and the only painting ever purchased by a museum during his lifetime was one of the works produced during this period, the famed Portraits in a New Orleans Cotton Office. Although Degas spent less than a year in New Orleans, the visit marked a hugely important turning point in Degas' career, revitalizing and inspiring him after a period of disenfranchisement with the Parisian art scene. New Orleanians today continue to take pride in the brief residency of Edgar Degas. The house where he stayed on Esplanade Avenue is now a historic home and bed and breakfast, Degas House. Even if you don't stay at the house during your visit you can still take their Creole Impressionist Tour and get a chance to see the historic building from the inside. If you're booking a private or group tour, consider adding a visit to Degas House to your package–it's a delightful stop and one we love showing to our guests! For more information on how to include Degas House in your private tour experience, call 1-888-223-2093.