After almost eight years of offering our Post Katrina Tour, the time has come to make it available only as a special or private tour. Although we have had many visitors learn about the full scope of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation and impact on the city, we are now at a point were we no longer feel a need to devote three and a half hours to this incredibly difficult time in our city’s history. For over a year after Hurricane Katrina hit in August of 2005, Tours by Isabelle consisted of nothing but Isabelle herself showing engineers, their families, and, eventually, the first visitors to the city, what had happened to the city, what was left, and what progress was being made. During this time we were the only tour company operating in the city, and as a result the tour drew a lot of press, which can still be found on our press page, and accolades from many visitors and journalists. We will continue to include a great deal of information on this part of the city’s history on our New Orleans City and Katrina Tour, for no matter how much time goes by it will always be important for us to remember the lessons we learned from the levee breaches and flood control system failures from that fateful, frightful summer in 2005 which reshaped our lives and our city.