Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 6, we will be featuring our Post-Katrina city tour! If you are interested in a unique view of New Orleans and truly understanding how Hurricane Katrina affected–and continues to affect–both the people and the city then this is the tour for you. This half-day tour will take you through not only the lower 9th ward and devastated areas of St. Bernard parish, but will also view the infamous 17th street canal breach and discuss our levee and pumping systems. Learn about how the hurricane moved through the city, why there was so much devastation, what we are doing to prevent a future disaster, where the city still needs help recovering, and see how far we have come in the past six years. On this tour we also showcase two of our more famous rebuilding efforts, Brad Pitt’s Make it Right project and the Musicians’ Village. For a truly enlightening view of the city, call us today! (504) 398-0365.