Anyone who has ventured outside the French Quarter will quickly notice that the city of New Orleans has very few streets that move in a straight line. Due to the curving nature of the Mississippi River, which makes a big U shape through the city, it can be difficult to navigate New Orleans by traditional directions. Due to the curves of the river, the Westbank is South of the city, much of the Northshore is due East of the city, and the river itself flows due North in front of the French Quarter! As such, we do not use cardinal directions, but rather use the four corners of NOLA: Uptown, Downtown, Riverside, and Lakeside. Of course, our road signs still use the cardinal directions, but a quick drive along Business 90, the road that crosses the Mississippi on the Crescent City Connection, shows that the road signs often say West when you're traveling East–and vice versa! So if you want to make getting around the city easy, get used to hearing people tell you that the place you're looking for is on the Riverside of the intersection that you'll reach by heading Uptown.