If you always thought that Halloween is for little kids, then coming to New Orleans will change your perception. In the Crescent City, Halloween is not just a night where kids go trick-or-treating. It’s a night when adults also get to join in the fun in their crazy costumes with music festivals, parades, and street parties!

Scary and Fun!

In fact, after Mardi Gras, Halloween in New Orleans is most famous for the wild costumes and the crazy fun. Those who have experienced Halloween in New Orleans will vouch for the fact that it’s more fun for adults than for the kids!

New Orleans is known as a fun and colorful city where every event is celebrated with much show and pomp. Halloween is no different. It isn’t surprising to find people from nearby towns and cities heading to New Orleans to be a part of their outlandish Halloween celebrations.


There is something about the people of New Orleans – they are always so clever in coming up with bizarre and eye catching costumes for any event. You might have seen zombies (or walkers from The Walking Dead) and vampires on many a Halloween night in your hometown. But when you come to New Orleans, be prepared to be wowed by crazier costumes.

Halloween celebrations in New Orleans have something for everyone, whether you are an adult, a child, or a whole family. In fact, you don’t even have to make your own costume to take part in the celebrations. There are several costume shops in the city where you will find any kind of costume that you want.

You know what you have to do once you are in costume, right? Yes, join any of the celebrations that take place in the city on Halloween night.  Make your way to Frenchmen St. on Halloween night to show off your costume and admire the creativity of others.

Most eateries, pubs, and bars stay open all through Halloween night, ready to welcome costumed guests. It doesn’t matter if you are new in the city and don’t have company. The moment you enter any bar or eatery, you will feel like a part of the crowd instantly.

A Deep History

Some of the other attractions in New Orleans on Halloween night are the haunted tours and the voodoo shops. There is an endless number of haunted attractions in New Orleans mostly in the French Quarter and the Garden District. Aside from haunted houses, New Orleans has world famous cemeteries, with their fair share of spooky stories.

Appearances of ghosts in the cemeteries have also been documented and captured on film. The voodoo shops are where you should be if you’re interested in learning spells and incantations. These shops host their own events on Halloween night where everyone is free to join.

If you’re a vampire, there are even shops catering specifically to you. If you’re simply a mere mortal who wants to have some fun, don’t forget to be part of the celebrations in these shops around the French Quarter.

Everyone can have Fun

There are various events put up by zoos and museums for the entire family on Halloween night. Kids can go trick-or-treating, enjoy some spooky stories, and also get up close with the animals.

So this Halloween, NOLA is where you should be to experience crazy fun like never before!