If you are interested in ghost stories this Halloween, look no further than along the Mississippi River in Southern Louisiana. Besides the plentiful ghost stories in New Orleans’ French Quarter, the majestic plantation homes that line the River Road have a few ghosts of their own, and Houmas House is one of them! It is said that when the current owner, Kevin Kelly, renovated the property in 2003, he left no stone unturned, and in doing so, he may have released some of the trapped spirits that were tied to the property throughout its centuries old lifetime. Tourists and tourguides alike have independently spotted sightings of particular persons who appeared out of place and ended up walking through walls or disappearing into thin air. However, the owner of Houmas House has yet to meet the ghosts himself, despite his incredible hospitality! One of the ghosts that is spotted most often at Houmas House is a young girl in a blue dress, usually seen going up and down the stairs. No one has been able to tie her to a specific person from history, but there are theories of who she may be. If you tour Houmas House and she appears to you, please ask her her name!