Did you know Napoleon Bonaparte never stepped foot inside of the French Quarter home that adopted his name? Now a famous bar/restaurant and registered National Historic Landmark, the Napoleon House was first occupied by Nicholas Girod, mayor of New Orleans from 1812-1815.  In 1821, Girod offered his home to Napoleon as refuge during his exile from France.  A local plot to bring Napoleon to Louisiana came to an abrupt end when news of Napoleon's death reached New Orleans. The building remained a private residence during the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century it was occupied by a local grocery and cafe. Finally, at the end of Prohibition, the Napoleon House bar that we now know and love was born!

The 200 year old French Quarter landmark is one of the best examples of a large French colonial townhouse in the country, representing the influence of French architecture in New Orleans. It is decorated by ironwork balconies on the second floor and an octaganal cupola.