New Orleans has a sizable Honduran population. It is now almost as large as the Vietnamese population. We already had a number of immigrants from Honduras thanks to the banana import business prior to Katrina, but since then it has increased tenfold. In 1888 we started to import bananas from Northern Honduras and sold them to trade centers for cheap.  This started the United Fruit company. Food trucks owned and operated by Honduran immigrants are now feeding construction workers in many parts of downtown New Orleans. These are definitely filling a need by providing workers with familiar foods. Tortillas made with mayonnaise, pineapple, watermelon and chicken are their specialty. From 6:30 AM to 5 PM these food trucks dispense the best Honduran specialties like 'baleadas' to the local construction workers and everyone who wishes for this delicious and unique fare.

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina provided numerous demolition, clean up and construction jobs for newly arrived Hispanic immigrants. After the Katrina workers came in, then the cooking started. Feeding day laborers was a way to establish starting capital for many Hispanic entrepreneurs. A lot of people in America tend to think all Hispanic food is Mexican, they don't realize some of the Honduran specialties are really unique to that country. Some NOLA Honduran restaurants like 'Casa Honduras', 'Telamar' and 'Norma's ' are starting to get such a good reputation that they are attracting many Anglo-American patrons as well, and they are here to stay!