This single story brick home has been a stop on our City and Katrina Tour and our Post Katrina Tour for years and we are not the only ones that think it’s an educational piece of history! An organization called just got approval from the New Orleans city council to turn this house into a historic monument, a replica of what hundreds of houses near the levee breaches looked like after The Storm.  When the floodwaters subsided after our beloved city was inundated with water due to multiple levee failures, what was left of the city, its neighborhoods, and its homes was tragic to say the least. Naturally, the people of New Orleans worked tirelessly to rid the city of debris and return their homes and their neighborhoods to their Pre-Katrina state. Now, 11 years later, this structure is one of few that remains vacant, nearly untouched since the storm. Most homes affected by the flooding were either washed away, demolished, or renovated. Since New Orleans has done a commendable job recovering from the tragedy, the city council agrees that preserving a piece of disaster history can be a good thing. It is something that really hasn’t been done before, but we are a place where our past is integral to our present and can’t be forgotten.