The lush growth in a Louisiana swamp is something you really have to experience in order feel its majesty. One of the best things to see in our beautiful wetlands is the indigenous bald cypress tree. The bald cypress tree is actually our official state tree and for good reason! Cypress trees thrive in wet marshy lands and because of this, the wood is resistant to rot and decay, making in an ideal building material for coastal homes in our hot and humid climate. It’s also impervious to insects!  Besides its role in Louisiana architecture, cypress wood is a preferred option for furniture, fences, caskets, boats, and ships. Cypress harvesting began in the late 1800’s, peaking around 1923, and drastically declined in the 1930s. After only a few short decades of harvest, all but a few scattered islands of cypress trees had been cut over. Now, the cypress trees over 200 years old (alive during the Louisiana Purchase!) are protected by the state. You can spot these distinguished bald cypress trees on our airboat and bayou tours!