Most New Orleanians have personal anecdotes to share when reminded of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. We saw first hand the tragedy and hardship, the power of community during the rebuilding effort, and the way the media portrayed the events that unfolded during the storms' aftermath. Like many of its community members, New Orleans' tourism industry proved resilient to the wrath of Katrina. As one of the earliest residents to return home, Isabelle Cossart, beloved owner of Tours by Isabelle, recounts her Katrina Story in an article on Buzzfeed.  With her and her employees' livelihoods at stake, Isabelle combatted the media's flawed version of Post-Katrina New Orleans with her very own Katrina Disaster Sites Tour, educating outsiders, one van full at a time, exactly what happened to our beautiful city, why, and how it happened. 

All failures serve to teach us a lesson and make us stronger. As Hurricane Sandy reminded us not long ago, Mother Nature does not discriminate.  Some of the world's oldest and wealthiest cities are prone to the same misfortunes of living at or below sea level that we in New Orleans are all too familiar with. Isabelle recognized the opportunity to educate others in the midst of disaster, which was not easy to do. We can only hope that the perspective we provide on our tours can help others' avoid the same misfortunes we have endured.  The Storm was 10 years ago, but its lessons remain relevant. In commemoration of Katrina's 10 year anniversary, we are offering our original 3.5 hour educational Post Katrina Tour through the end of August 2015. The tour will be offered either morning (8:30AM-12:00PM) or afternoon (1:00PM-5:00PM) and the cost is $80/person. (Minimum numbers apply.) Click here to request this tour, or email us at