On the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina our thoughts are with all those affected by Irene on the East coast. A recent visitor to New Orleans took our Post-Katrina tour, and had these kind words to offer us on Trip Advisor:

Post Katrina Tour – Very worthwhile

Reviewed August 27, 2011

We were interested in seeing how New Orleans had recovered from Katrina. Tours by Isabel seemed to offer the best option. Our guide was a Katrina survivor. Her house was flooded and structurally damaged and had to be razed (not raised). We heard the difference those words make to people in New Orleans.

We learned a lot about what caused the huge flooding, actions taken to prevent this from happening in the future and how areas just across the street from each other were affected so differently. We saw areas where rebuilding is still taking place and saw some that appear deserted with Task Force markings still on the door.

We were very impressed and this was well worth the $65 per person that we spent on the tour.

The fact that we were guided by someone who was there and understood not only what happened but how victims of this tragedy felt. Great tour.

Visited August 2011

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