Today, January 6th marks the 12th night since Christmas, the day the wise men arrived to see the Christ child. It is recognized in Christian faiths as the Feast of the Epiphany and marks the end of the Christmas holiday season. In New Orleans, this day also marks the beginning of Carnival season!  Similar to the historic religious traditions, food and drink remain at the center of this celebratory occasion. Carnival season = King cake season!  One of the oldest (and tastiest!) traditions that secular New Orleanians have adopted from Catholic ritual is the king cake.  From today through Mardi Gras day (Feb. 9th this year) it is perfectly acceptable to eat as much king cake as you can. Uber is even delivering king cakes from Haydel's bakery today! If you are not in NOLA and want a king cake, some bakeries will ship them to you. Check out this list for where to get your king cake this year.