Krewe du Vieux kicks off the 2017 Mardi Gras Parade schedule this Saturday, February 11th. As parades go, this is one of the most anticipated by locals and is sure to astound and delight visitors as well! It is the one parade of the carnival season that isn't exactly family friendly, as it is full of satire, adult themes, and political comedy. As the parades start rolling, we thought we would share some tips to keep you safe and happy this Mardi Gras season!

1. DO get to the parades early! Waiting for the parade to roll is half the fun! Plus you are more likely to get a good spot. But DON'T stay out all night to stake your territory (some people do!). 

2. DO buy a wristband for bathroom access, you will need it!  DON'T pee on the street, you will get arrested!

3. DO bring snack food and street food with you to the parades, it's easy to have too much to drink and not enough to eat! DO also make reservations if you plan to dine at a restaurant. 

4. DO dress up! It's perfectly acceptable to wear a costume to the parades, and if you are here for Fat Tuesday, you MUST wear a costume!

5. DON'T fight over beads, they are just plastic and there are always more than enough to go around!

6. DO have fun! Happy Mardi Gras!