At 9:15 a.m. on August 29, 2005, a 14 year old girl named Angela Caballeros wrote a message and put it in a bottle. The message captured her feelings waking up and looking out at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, trapped in a roofless house on a flooded street in Uptown New Orleans. She dropped the bottle off the porch of her house, into the rising flood waters, and watched it drift away wondering if anyone would ever find it. A few short weeks later, on September 15, a parks service employee named Rob Turan found it while acting as a deputized US Marshall helping to restore order to the city in the aftermath of the hurricane. Turan became obsessed with finding out what happened to the Caballeros family, but it wasn't until almost eight years later, on August 14 of this year, that Turan and the now 22 year old Caballeros finally met in person. Our local paper, the Times-Picayune, wrote a wonderful piece detailing the intersection of Turan's and Caballeros' lives which can be read here, a beautiful and fitting tale on the anniversary of the storm that forever changed New Orleans.