The Marigny district, or Faubourg Marigny, is the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Bordering the French Quarter on the East, the Marigny district was named after Bernard de Marigny, a very wealthy French Creole aristocrat who amassed a huge fortune from his sugarcane plantations–and then gambled the entire thing away. Marigny is credited for having invented the dice game of craps, from the French crapaud, meaning toad. The Faubourg part of the neighborhood’s name tells you just how long it has been around and is a leftover from the French-speaking days of the city when all the oldest neighborhoods of the city were called Faubourgs. Today you will find a mish-mash of the old and new in this historic district, including many fine bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and renovations to maintain the beauty and the character of this part of our city’s history.