New Orleans’ architecture, like its food, music, and people, echoes the multicultural influences that make our beautiful city so special. You will notice in visiting the historic parts of our city that there are distinguishable architectural typologies ranging from the narrow shotgun houses, to the Creole cottages and Creole townhouses, to the American townhouses, and even the midcentury addition of the California Bungalows.   But even within a particular style of home, each structure can be appreciated individually, thanks to the careful details and extraordinary ornamentation that make the architecture so well loved. Collectively, these individual features make a neighborhood come alive.  The series of front doors pictured below, as seen in the historic Algiers Point neighborhood, is a prime example of the variety of beauty and detail that can be found in New Orleans’ historic homes, even within a relatively narrow genre of architecture.  In this historic district you will find primarily one-story homes in the Greek Revival, Italiante, and Victorian styles, reflecting its period of growth from 1850-1900.