New Orleans Tricentennial

Tours by Isabelle blog. NOLA turns 300!

The Past

New Year’s Eve celebrations have ended, but 2018 has many more celebrations in store!  2018 marks the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city of New Orleans.  We plan to celebrate this new year more than any other New Years of the past.  The Tricentennial, or 300th anniversary of New Orleans is not only a time to reflect on the past. It is also a time to think about the future.

Spend a day wandering the streets of the famous French Quarter or Vieux Carre. You may think that not much has changed in 300 years, and you’d be right! New Orleanians take pride in the historic homes, districts, and traditions of our founding fathers. Our community works continuously to preserve those aspects of the city that make New Orleans so special. New Orleans is all about history and tradition. That is what keeps visitors coming and why the locals never want to leave.

The Future

However, we are also looking to the future and implementing changes that can improve our city going forward. If you are visiting NewOrleans this year, you can expect to see an increase of cultural events in honor of the Tricentennial. The city has also initiated new infrasctructure projects, including an addition to our airport and the restoration of the historic Gallier Hall. There will also be a variety of concerts from international artists, fireworks, parties, symposiums and more!  Be sure to check out the list of Tricentennial events here to see what’s going on during your stay!