New Orleans has been called many things, but quiet is never one of them. You don’t have to go to Jazz Fest to hear the sounds that make this city so special and unlike any other. Wether you are walking down the historic streets of the French Quarter, drinking a cafe au lait (or beer?) by the Mississippi River, or sitting down to brunch on a Sunday, you will never be out of earshot of a soulful musician.  New Orleans is the birthplace of Dixieland, a term used to describe Classic or Traditional jazz music. This style of jazz can have few or many instruments, but is characterized primarily by improvisation. One instrument carries the melody, and the others improvise around that tune. It’s an experiential way of playing music, and magical to hear.  If you miss Jazz Fest this year, be sure to check out some Traditional Jazz music at the famous Preservation Hall of any number of bars, music venues, or street corners in New Orleans!