Voodoo. That word typically elicits thoughts of devil worship, blood, vampires, or the music festival that takes over New Orleans City Park each Halloween! But, despite its spooky connotation, Voodoo, like most religions is practiced to positively impact its' believers and communities. It is an ancient religion steeped in local history, and practiced by 15% of the population here in New Orleans! Voodoo practice originated in Africa and began spreading to other parts of the world in 1510 with the establishment of the slave trade. Because of New Orleans' creole polulation (mixture of French, Spanish, and African descendants), Voodoo thrived in our city and still has a strong presence today. If you are interested in the educational aspect or the entertainment aspect of this ancient practice, New Orleans is the place to be! Check out the Voodoo Museum in the French Quarter to learn more.