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Louisiana’s Disappearing Act

According to the U.S.G.S., the state of Louisiana lost just under 1,900 square miles of land between 1932 and 2000. This is the rough equivalent of the entire state of Delaware dropping into the Gulf of Mexico, and the disappearing act has no closing date. If nothing...

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Remembering Katrina, 9 years later

This weekend marks the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the storm that changed the Crescent City forever. This week, nola.com published a remarkable series of photos that resulted from a project by staff photographer Ted Jackson. Jackson took iconic photos from...

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Post-Katrina NOLA

No one can deny that Hurricane Katrina changed New Orleans forever. The city is still recovering from the devastation following the storm and the levee breaches. We still have 73,000 fewer jobs than before the storm and while the number of blighted properties has...

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The Oaks of Oak Alley Plantation

Last week Oak Alley Plantation celebrated a very special anniversary. On June 28, 1995, the 28 oak trees that create the eponymous alley leading from the River Road to the big house of the plantation were inducted into the Live Oak Society. The society was founded in...

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Lights, Camera, NOLA!

Louisiana has long been one of the top movie-making locations in the U.S. but has historically come in third for the most popular locale after California and New York. This spring, that all changed. A study released in March by Film L.A., a Los Angeles not for profit...

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Save Your Money for What Matters!

Vacations can be pricey, so it's always good to know what to splurge on and where to cut back. In New Orleans, you can enjoy plenty of both as there are tons of free activities that show you the best of the city, letting you save your money for great meals out,...

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