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Victorian Architecture Uptown

When people familiar with the architecture of New Orleans think of the Uptown district they usually picture the iconic columns and clean lines of the neo-Classical style so abundant among the old oaks along St Charles Avenue. However, when you take a clos

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The Houma Indians

The United Houma Nation is a state recognized Native American tribe with approximately 17,000 citizens throughout the southeastern coast of Louisiana. Despite their large population and ancient presence in Louisiana, the Houma tribe has never been officially...

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The Language of Louisiana

New Orleans is a very cosmopolitan and multiethnic city. French is still spoken in Southern Louisiana by two very different groups, the French Creole and the Cajuns. Despite what many people believe, the Creole were actually the original French-speaking group in...

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Spanish Architecture in a French City

Although the city of New Orleans was built by Spanish and French colonials, after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, much of the city was refurbished in the modern Victorian style. As a result, relatively few buildings survive from the original Spanish architects....

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Winter in the Swamp

When people think of swamp tours they also think of alligators. In the winter, the temperature is usually too cool for the gators to surface; when the water temperature is below 76 degrees alligators snuggle deep into the mud and go to sleep. However, with the gators...

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Neighborhood Spotlight: The Marigny

The Marigny district, or Faubourg Marigny, is the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Bordering the French Quarter on the East, the Marigny district was named after Bernard de Marigny, a very wealthy French Creole aristocrat who amassed a huge fortune from his...

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French Quarter Architecture

There are so many delightful architectural finds in New Orleans, but especially in the French Quarter, or Vieux Carre, the oldest part of the city. Here you'll find old world-style cobble stone streets, complete with the traditional banquette, an old Creole French...

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It’s Po-Boy Time!

One of the most beloved local festivals is coming on Sunday: the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival! Any fan of the classic New Orleans sandwhich, whether of the simple roast beef variety or the fancier filet and oyster combos is sure to find something deliciously delightful...

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Top Chef New Orleans!

If you're a fan of the popular cooking competition shows that can be found virtually any time of night these days, you have likely seen Top Chef, and may even be watching the current season which takes place right here in New Orleans. This city is such a great...

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