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French Quarter Architecture

There are so many delightful architectural finds in New Orleans, but especially in the French Quarter, or Vieux Carre, the oldest part of the city. Here you'll find old world-style cobble stone streets, complete with the traditional banquette, an old Creole French...

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It’s Po-Boy Time!

One of the most beloved local festivals is coming on Sunday: the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival! Any fan of the classic New Orleans sandwhich, whether of the simple roast beef variety or the fancier filet and oyster combos is sure to find something deliciously delightful...

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Top Chef New Orleans!

If you're a fan of the popular cooking competition shows that can be found virtually any time of night these days, you have likely seen Top Chef, and may even be watching the current season which takes place right here in New Orleans. This city is such a great...

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Cast Iron NOLA

Cast Iron Door on Chartres St: A quick glance at almost any old building in New Orleans and you're sure to spot some decorative cast iron, whether in a fence, on a window, or covering a door. These beautiful artistic touches are a long standing staple of...

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Birds of the Louisiana Swamps

There are many wonderful things to see in the swamp all year round, but after the gators the birds are by far the biggest attraction. Among the many species on display in and around the bayous are great egrets, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, tricolored heron, little...

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Krewe of BOO!

This Saturday a New Orleans Halloween tradition will literally parade through the French Quarter as the annual Krewe of BOO parade provides a spooktacular event for all. The parade floats are alive with creatures, ghouls, and, of course, things that go bump in the...

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Exploring the Vieux Carre

The French Quarter was once called the Vieux Carré, meaning old square. Although most now simply refer to it as the French Quarter, or just the Quarter if you're a local, there are still those who prefer the old name. Despite the fact that the name means old square,...

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Blues & BBQ

Blues and BBQ are ubiquitous in the South, even here in Louisiana where we like to do our own thing. But we're embracing everything about these two classics this weekend at the 2013 Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival! The festival will take place this year in...

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Getting Ready for Halloween

In a city known for voodoo, hauntings, and Anne Rice's vampires, it's no wonder we get excited about Halloween! From the scary to the silly, there are tons of fun, festive activities in October all over the city. Be sure to visit Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo for...

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