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Blues & BBQ

Blues and BBQ are ubiquitous in the South, even here in Louisiana where we like to do our own thing. But we're embracing everything about these two classics this weekend at the 2013 Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival! The festival will take place this year in...

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Getting Ready for Halloween

In a city known for voodoo, hauntings, and Anne Rice's vampires, it's no wonder we get excited about Halloween! From the scary to the silly, there are tons of fun, festive activities in October all over the city. Be sure to visit Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo for...

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Architectural Delights

One of the most wonderful things about New Orleans is the character of our architecture--and the variety, too! A lot of houses in New Orleans, including this newly renovated one in Lakewood (pictured to the right) have a beautiful cypress facade called gingerbread...

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Swamp Treasures

There are many sights to see in the swamps of Southeast Louisiana besides the gators. The US Wildflower Database currently lists more than 250 different species of wildflowers, more than half of which can be found in the swamps around New Orleans! Swamp tours are a...

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Tour Spotlight: Grand Tour

Gardens at Laura Plantation: One of our most popular tours for years has been our Grand Tour. This all-day outing includes a little bit of everything: swamp, plantation, cuisine, and plenty of history! The tour features visits to two plantations, Laura Plantation and...

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The Po’ Boy

Food in New Orleans is nothing to joke about. Not only are we serious about food, but we have some serious food! By far one of the most beloved New Orleans dishes is the po' boy, from the unassuming roast beef to the fried oyster, shrimp, and catfish varieites. The...

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What’s Up With That Blue Dog?

Two Family Trees, George Rodrigue 2013 If you've been to New Orleans before, or if you're enjoying your first visit to the city, or even if you're just doing some pre-trip research, you've almost certainly seen the now iconic blue dog somewhere around the city. The...

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Swamp Tour Love

In July, local TV station WGNO featured some friends of ours in a spot on local swamp tour company, Swamp Adventures. We love the captains over at Swamp Adventures, especially Captain Gary, and are delighted to see them getting some publicity! You can meet them for...

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Southern Decadence 2014

Southern Decadence, the famous and fabulous New Orleans pride festival, was founded on a sultry August afternoon in 1972 as an amusement for a group of tight-knit friends living in a ramshackle house near the French Quarter: part going away party for one member of the...

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