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Tour Spotlight: Grand Tour

Gardens at Laura Plantation: One of our most popular tours for years has been our Grand Tour. This all-day outing includes a little bit of everything: swamp, plantation, cuisine, and plenty of history! The tour features visits to two plantations, Laura Plantation and...

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The Po’ Boy

Food in New Orleans is nothing to joke about. Not only are we serious about food, but we have some serious food! By far one of the most beloved New Orleans dishes is the po' boy, from the unassuming roast beef to the fried oyster, shrimp, and catfish varieites. The...

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What’s Up With That Blue Dog?

Two Family Trees, George Rodrigue 2013 If you've been to New Orleans before, or if you're enjoying your first visit to the city, or even if you're just doing some pre-trip research, you've almost certainly seen the now iconic blue dog somewhere around the city. The...

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Swamp Tour Love

In July, local TV station WGNO featured some friends of ours in a spot on local swamp tour company, Swamp Adventures. We love the captains over at Swamp Adventures, especially Captain Gary, and are delighted to see them getting some publicity! You can meet them for...

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Southern Decadence 2014

Southern Decadence, the famous and fabulous New Orleans pride festival, was founded on a sultry August afternoon in 1972 as an amusement for a group of tight-knit friends living in a ramshackle house near the French Quarter: part going away party for one member of the...

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The History of Uptown New Orleans

The historic Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, a favorite for both visitors and locals, was originally countryside full of large sugar plantations lined up along the Mississippi River. Sugar plantations needed to have easy access to the market in order to ship out...

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Family Fun at Mardi Gras World

Anyone who has been to a Mardi Gras parade knows that a lot of work goes into making those incredible floats. But did you know you can go and see how the floats are made for yourself? Mardi Gras World is a wonderful family friendly activity where visitors are given a...

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The Rolling Pin Bed

When you take a visit to Oak Alley Plantation, be sure you take a close look at the beds in the upstairs bedrooms. If you do, you're sure to spot the rolling pin bed, one of the most ingenious pieces of furniture in the antebellum South. Rolling pin beds were all the...

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