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Evangeline: An Acadian Odyssey

Many people know that Louisiana's long history of French culture comes in part from the Acadians who fled to the area during the Great Upheaval, or 'Le Grand Dérangement', during the mid 18th century. The story of the Great Upheaval is perhaps best remembered through...

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Sun Oak House

The historic Sun Oak home can be found in the Faubourg Marigny, former site of the plantation of Bernard de Marigny. The site's first structure was a brick-between-post cottage built by Constance Rixner Bouligny, a free woman of color who purchased the property in...

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Bastille Day 2013

Bastille Day is the French celebration of Independence, and here in New Orleans, the most French city in the U.S., we're celebrating all weekend long! Even certain iconic elements of New Orleans that weren't originally French have been taken over by this heritage! One...

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Farewell to our Post Katrina Tour

After almost eight years of offering our Post Katrina Tour, the time has come to make it available only as a special or private tour. Although we have had many visitors learn about the full scope of Hurricane Katrina's devastation and impact on the city, we are now at...

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We’ve Got a New Tour!

We are pleased to announce our newest tour, the Literary History French Quarter Walking Tour! This two and a half hour walking tour of the French Quarter expores the literary history of the city and covers all seven of the Literary Landmarks found in New Orleans,...

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Creole Tomato Festival

Here in Louisiana, we not only love our food, but we really appreciate it--we even have an entire festival dedicated to just our tomatoes! The Creole Tomato Festival is a celebration of our farmers, produce, and  our uniquely cultural cuisine, all of which are...

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NOLA Treasure: National WWII Museum

One of the most wonderful treasures in New Orleans is our fantastic World War II Museum. Established in 2000 as the National D-Day Museum, the facility originally showcased the building of the Higgins Boats which made possible the amphibious landing on the French...

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Opulence on the Mississippi River

San Francisco Plantation is known as the most opulent plantation on the Mississippi River. Full of rich furnishings and elaborate architecture, it's a hard title to argue with. The plantation was originally owned by a free man of color, Elisée Rillieux, a visionary...

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