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Learn Cajun Lingo!

If you take a tour with us to cajun country, you'll learn the cajun dialect is a unique and sometimes incomprehensible language to native English OR French speakers. The historical language of the cajun people is Cajun French and while there are still those living...

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Acadia Music Festival

Perfect weather is forecasted this weekend for the Acadia Music Fest! This festival, celebrating the art, food, culture, and most importantly MUSIC of the Cajun people takes place this Saturday, October 28th in Thibodaux and runs from 10am-11pm. Thibodaux is a small...

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The Sugar Palace

Frequently, we are asked which of the River Road plantation houses is the best to visit. It's a difficult question to answer since they are all so unique and interesting for different reasons. One of our favorites though is Houmas House, aka The Crown Jewel of...

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Visiting New Orleans in September?

Although September is technically still hurricane season, which might deter some visitors, here are several reasons TO visit New Orleans in September! 1. It's not as hot and humid as June, July, and August. 2. It's not as crowded as October so you can get...

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New Orleans’ Historic Homes

New Orleans' architecture, like its food, music, and people, echoes the multicultural influences that make our beautiful city so special. You will notice in visiting the historic parts of our city that there are distinguishable architectural typologies ranging from...

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