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The Italian Side of the French Quarter

Some people are surprised to find out that the historical center of New Orleans, the French Quarter, isn't really very French! Though founded by the French, the architecture is mostly influenced by the 40 year rule of the Spanish. And a lot of the food is heavily...

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Algiers Plantation Home Repurposed

LeBeuf Plantation as it was formerly known is now called Quarters A. This French Creole style estate is one of the few remaining plantation homes in New Orleans! Most of the original houses built on long plots of land known as plantations (or farms) were fatal victims...

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The annual New Orleans Greek Festival is this Memorial Day weekend on the banks of Bayou St. John and it is one of the most popular festivals we have (and we have A LOT of festivals!). The Greeks have had a presence in New Orleans for over 250 years and their culture...

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Historic Esplanade Ridge

Most people know Esplanade Avenue as one of the bounding streets of the Vieux Carre (French Quarter), but the Esplanade ridge as we call it actually traverses several of New Orleans finest neighborhoods providing direct access from the French Quarter to New Orleans...

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Festival season is in full swing!

Jazz Fest may be coming to an end but It's still festival season! This month started with the first annual Crawfish Festival which ended just in time for the second weekend of Jazz Fest! Though Jazz Fest did get rained out one day last week, the weather forecast for...

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History of Audubon Park

One of the most spectacular points of interest in New Orleans is Audubon Park. Uptown New Orleans was originally developed by dividing the land into long narrow plots perpendicular to the river, so many landowners could benefit from the fertile banks of the...

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Happy Easter Weekend!

Like so many other holidays, Easter is celebrated in a unique fashion here in the Big Easy! Though respectfully rooted in Catholic tradition, Easter celebrations in New Orleans involve much more than a traditional mass and easter baskets. We have a full agenda of...

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Meet the Real New Orleans Irish

The newest addition to New Orleans' collection of museums,  the Irish Cultural Museum, pays tribute to the many sacrifices and accomplishments of our Irish ancestors. The Irish are remembered in a big way every year on St. Patrick's day with parades and green beer but...

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Baby Alligators Are Out and About!

As the weather warms up, the hibernating season for alligators is coming to an end! This means that guests on our swamp tours will be able to get up close to alligators in their natural habitat and maybe even get to hold one of the babies! The American Alligator is...

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