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French Quarter Architecture

Despite it's name, the French Quarter, New Orlean's oldest neighborhood, has only a handful of buildings that remain in the French colonial style of our founding fathers.  The major events influenced the transformation of theQuarter's build...

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New Orleans Voodoo

Voodoo. That word typically elicits thoughts of devil worship, blood, vampires, or the music festival that takes over New Orleans City Park each Halloween! But, despite its spooky connotation, Voodoo, like most religions is practiced to positively impact its'...

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Welcome October!

Finally, October is here!  October is one of the best months to visit New Orleans. The weather is splendid and there is so much going on! Here are some of the highlights we have to look forward to this month: Ponderosa Stomp (Oct. 1-3) : Music Festival Hell Yes...

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Whitney Plantation: Museum of Slavery

Whitney Plantation opened it's doors to visitors for the first time ever in 2014, and we are now offering tours to this historic place in combination with St. Joseph Plantation. Whitney is the first plantation/museum of its kind. Situated along the well-traveled...

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Waters of the Mississippi Delta

Bayou, Swamp, Wetland - What's the Difference? Did you know the name bayou is actually native to Louisiana? The word is believed to have originated from bayuk, a term meaning small stream in a local Native American tongue. Bayou has come to mean the braided...

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