Did you know that since 2005, we have shown over 20,000 people the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the impact of the levee breaches on our Post Katrina city tour.

20,000 people, in 3 vans taking about 13 people per tour… That's a lot of tours!!

Some comments include…

Mind Blowing! My wife and I took the Katrina tour. Our guide, Jenny, was extremely well informed on all of the details about this devastating disaster that never have been reported. She was also very passionate about her city and was able to convey that well during the nearly four hours we were together. If, like us, you are not terribly familiar with New Orleans, and know about Katrina only what was reported on national tv five years ago, this is a do not miss event.

It was an overwhelming afternoon. The strength and courage of the people of New Orleans is evident. The personal stories made the devastation so real.

I can not even begin to express the impact of this tour. This will not only make a difference in my life, but also my students. Thank you. I will not forget & we will spread the word. Rebirth!

Very informative, While initially concerned about being a 'tourist' in these devastated areas, I now have a first-hand perspective on what happened and will share it with others to try to get our elected leaders to act.

Great Education, tastefully and respectfully done. Thanks to Stanley.

Thank you Isabelle for doing this. Stanley is an honest ,caring , knowledgeable & compassionate guide & man. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to bear witness. God bless N.O. Make levees, Not war !!

We even had the cast from MTV's Real World New Orleans on our Post Katrina City Tour. We have the clip from their experience on our press page!