Yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers started construction on the closure of the London Avenue Canal at Lake Pontchartrain.

Nine years ago, after Hurricane Katrina, this drainage canal was one of several which caused New Orleans' flooding. It is interesting to note that none of the natural bodies of water in and around New Orleans such as Bayou St. John or even the Mississippi River caused any flooding after the 2005 hurricanes. Man-made drainage canals were dug years ago to pump excess rain water out to the Lake. The August 29, 2005 storm surge came from the Gulf of Mexico into Lake Pontchartrain and pushed water up into these drainage canals, backwashing and creating excess pressure on the canal flood walls. These flood walls were badly constructed and toppled over or just broke, causing the catastrophic flooding of August 2005 throughout 80% of the Greater New Orleans Area and causing over 1800 deaths!