New Orleans is now ground zero as a national model to learn how a school system can recover from a disaster.  The city has created a charter school system which is trying to help compensate for a large section of the population still mired in poverty. Besides the existing population living in poverty, Post-Katrina New Orleans has received a new wave of immigrants and their children. We need to learn on the national level how a city like New Orleans can absorb the influx of Hispanic children being integrated in our school system. New Orleans is a laboratory, a leader in experimental education. An experiment for this type of public school could become a model on the national level for rebuilding from scratch. New Orleans is on the way to becoming a market driven system empowering students and parents with more decision making.

4.0 Schools is a local organization working on building solutions to the difficult issues facing education as an institution. As a learning innovation ecosystem, 4.0 Schools is giving New Orleanians the foundation to implement innovative strategies to quickly make a difference in the lives of our youth.  See some of the positive changes being made in education at 4.0 as part of NOLA Tech Week.  Operation Spark, a non-profit organization empowering schools and underprivileged kids in New Orleans with the literacy of software creation. This Saturday, their students will be teaching adults how to code!