Wrecked Boat in Bucktown, August 2012

As we approach the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, many people ask us, why are you still doing a Post Katrina Tour? As any trip through the Upper Ninth Ward will show you, there is still quite a lot to see–homes that haven't been touched since the storm, roads that remain barely passable, neighborhoods that continue to wait for residents to return. This story, which aired on local TV station WWL just last night, highlights one of the biggest barriers for many residents: repairing infrastructure. In fact, the current state of the roads and the level of construction in the Lower Ninth Ward has led local officials to enforce a long dormant rule prohibiting tour companies from operating tours in the Lower Ninth Ward. As a result, we have reviewed both our Post Katrina Tour and our New Orleans City and Katrina Tour and created new routes that will highlight the areas of the city that we are still able to visit and where so much devastation can still be seen. You can find the details of the new routes on both tours by visiting the tour description pages for the Post Katrina Tour here and for the New Orleans City and Katrina Tour here. You can also see recent photos taking during this rerouting process on both pages.