Private French Quarter Literary Walking Tour

Private French Quarter Literary Walking Tour: $425 per guide for up to 28 people

Local historians and writers lead this tour. It lasts about two and a half hours. We can handle any size group. If your group has more than 28 people, we will use several tour guides.

People come to the French Quarter in New Orleans from all over the world. Why? Probably because they love our “signature” food. Maybe because they admire our “resilient” spirit. Yet there’s a lot more to the Crescent City’s story! On this tour, you’ll learn about our city’s great literary history.

Throughout the years, many famous authors influenced New Orleans culture. Today, New Orleans boasts all of Louisiana’s seven Literary Landmarks. Only two other cities, New York City and Key West, can make the same claim. Our tour highlights all seven New Orleans historic literary landmarks.

Your tour begins and ends in the famous Hotel Monteleone Carousel Bar. The Monteleone is one of only three hotels in America granted  Literary Landmark status, and we’ll tell you all about its history. Your guide will also relate stories about authors who were patrons here. They include Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Kate Chopin, and others. All of them lived in the French Quarter. However, only one of them was born in New Orleans!

Hotel Monteleone

  The Hotel Monteleone

Private French Quarter Literary Walking Tour Highlights

In addition to the Monteleone, your tour meanders through the French Quarter. Highlights include:

  • Exchange Alley
  • Pontalba Apartments
  • Madame John’s Legacy
  • The Old Ursuline Convent (New Orleans oldest building)
  • The Beauregard-Keyes House
  • The ‘haunted’ Lalaurie Mansion, and
  • The homes of William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams.
Madame John's Legacy

Madame John’s Legacy

The Old Ursuline Convent

Old Ursuline Convent