Private Garden District Walking Tour

Private Garden District Walking Tour: $425 per guide for up to 28 people

Local historians and writers lead this tour. It lasts about two and a half hours. We can handle any size group. If your group has more than 28 people, we will use several tour guides.

The Garden District used to be called “Lafayette City.” It was established in 1803 by newly arrived ‘Yankees’ as they created their own New Orleans since they found themselves excluded from 19th century Creole society. The result is one of New Orleans most desired neighborhoods and most beautifully preserved city districts, home to the rich and famous, as well as the strange and the dead! As you’ll stroll the leafy, magnolia-shaded streets of the Garden District and also “Lafayette Cemetery,” known as the “City of the Dead,” you will see mansions and manicured gardens and hear stories of tragedies, legends, movie stars, writers and celebrity chefs. You’ll experience the architectural splendor of the live oak tree-lined “American Sector” of New Orleans and hear about the “Creoles vs. Americans” conflict in the 1800’s.


Garden District Mansion.

 Garden District Mansion

Private Garden District Walking Tour Highlights

  • Colonel Short’s Villa and its famous Cornstalk Fence
  • Briggs-Staub House
  • Commander’s Palace Restaurant
  • Toby’s Corner
  • Archie and Payton Manning’s House
  • Brevard-Mahat-Rice House
  • Rosegate
  • Payne-Strachan House
  • Lafayette Cemetery and its famous above-ground tombs featured in An Interview with a Vampire, Double Jeopardy, and Deja Vu
  • Homes of Anne Rice, Trent Reznor, Archie and Peyton Manning, Nicholas Cage, John Goodman, and Sandra Bullock
  • Death site of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America
  • Film site of Brad Pitt’s, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


  • New Orleans has uneven streets, most famously in the Garden District! It is often a source of great humor and peril. Please wear flat shoes and beware of potholes and uneven ground. We do not recommend using wheelchairs or strollers.