If you want to experience New Orleans like a local, eating red beans and rice on a Monday is a must! Red beans and rice is the traditional Monday meal in New Orleans, dating back for hundreds of years! Historically, Monday was always wash day for the family cook or the lady of the house, so she could put a pot of red beans on the stove to cook for hours with little to no attention while seeing to the laundry.  When the washing was done, the beans were ready to eat! The dish in New Orleans is seasoned with ham or smoked sausage (but usually both!) This version is considered a Creole dish, though the lines between Cajun and Creole food have blurred significantly. Cajun or Creole, they are delicious and an easy one pot meal to satisfy a crowd. You can even find FREE red beans on Mondays in some of the local bars. It doesn’t get much better than that!