Vacations can be pricey, so it's always good to know what to splurge on and where to cut back. In New Orleans, you can enjoy plenty of both as there are tons of free activities that show you the best of the city, letting you save your money for great meals out, excellent tours, and, of course, that charming bed and breakfast you were eyeing. Looking for music? You don't have to pay an expensive cover charge–just wander around the French Quarter any day or night until you hear something that catches your ear! Is art more your style? Go gallery hopping along Julia Street, then head up to City Park and spend a relaxing afternoon strolling through the sculpture garden outside of the New Orleans Museum of Art. Interested in brushing up on your history? Visit The Historic New Orleans Collection's website to find out about free exhibitions–and you can indulge in some online fact finding before your visit on their wonderful website. And, of course, if what you really want to see is the vivacity of the New Orelanians, all you need to do is wander through town and you'll be able to enjoy plenty of rewarding people watching! You can find more great free activities and ideas here.