The Times-Picayune originally announced it would cease to publish a daily paper in May

For 175 years we've enjoyed a daily newspaper that has held a place on breakfast tables, in the hands of commuters, and in New Orleanian hearts. This morning, however, we woke up to find that our front porches were empty. The cessation of a daily newspaper in New Orleans, as announced earlier this year, has become a reality and the Times-Picayune is no longer a part of the daily morning routine. Although the Times-Picayune will continue to publish on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, the loss of a daily newspaper makes New Orleans the largest U.S. city without a daily paper, and many are upset about it. Although there have been many rallies, protest, pleas, and letters in the months since the initial announcement was made, the cries to keep the Times-Picayune a daily paper went unheeded. The paper will be stepping up its online coverage, and although print media has been in decline for many years, the popular New Orleans paper will be deeply missed by many residents. And unfortunately for visitors to the city, if you're looking for daily news to leaf through on the balcony of your French Quarter hotel while enjoying a morning cup of chicory coffe, you'll have to look for an out of town source.