It's all a bit crazy here at Tours by Isabelle right now; not only are we busy with tours, but the orchard is in full swing (Satsumas, anyone?). On top of that, we're currently revamping our website (please be patient…) AND we're adding some new tours! They won't be available to public tours for a while but if you're in the mood for a private adventure feel free to request a test-drive! These are the three tours we'll be adding over the next few months (official names to come):

  • New Orleans and Katrina City Tour–see the entire city and learn about the complete history, including our most recent chapter and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This will be a half-day, 4-hour tour.

  • All Day Plantation & Slave Cabins Tour–see three different plantations complete with slave cabins, including the 22 original slave cabins at Evergreen Plantation, and stop for lunch at an authentic Cajun restaurant.

  • Evergreen & Destrehan Half-Day Plantation Tour–visit too plantations that are decidedly off the beaten path, including the beautiful (and, sadly, often overlooked) Evergreen Plantation. We took some visits to Evergreen recently as part of a plantation scouting mission and fell in love with it; we're sure you will too! Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

Watch this spot! Our new site, new tours, and new brochures will be floating around New Orleans soon…