Even if you've been to Oak Alley Plantation in the past, if you haven't seen the newly reconstructed slave quarters, you may want to consider taking a trip to the historic site again. Last summer construction began on this new exhibit to reconstruct some of the plantation's original 20 buildings that made up the slave quarters, which at one time housed over 158 slaves working in the plantation and in the house itself. Alongside this construction project, the Research and Collection's Department at Oak Alley has begun an extensive research effort examining the lives of the lesser-known and lesser-documented residents of the plantation. Questions about how the slaves lived, how they viewed their status as human property, and how their family structure functioned within both the physical and psychological constraints of slavery have been rigorously explored. Although it is impossible to fully answer such questions when there is so little documentation about slaves on the plantation, numerous facts have come to light and thus a better understanding is emerging about the way slavery functioned both socially and economically on this Louisiana sugar plantation. A transitional exhibit is now open where you can see the reconstructed slave quarters and learn about the ongoing research efforts. A visit to Oak Alley Plantation is included on both our Oak Alley and Laura Plantation Tour and our Grand Tour. Call 1-888-223-2093 for reservations.