Did you know that Treme (the neighborhood, not the tv show!) is home to the oldest African-American parish in the United States? Located just a couple of blocks outside of the French Quarter on Henriette Delille st., this Catholic Church has a rich history in the black community and was recognized as the most integrated congregation of its time. Among its parishioners were civil rights activists Homer Plessy and A.P. Turead, as well as famous jazz musician Sidney Bechet and Mardi Gras Indian Chief Tootie Montana. It’s no surprise that St. Augustine still has one of the best gospel masses in town!

This weekend the Historic Faubourg Treme Association will host its second annual Treme Fall Festival, a fundraising event to benefit the St. Augustine Church and other historic properties in the neighborhood. The FREE street festival will feature food, art and of course music in true NOLA fashion.  For more info and to see the artist lineup visit the Treme Fall Festival website here.