Frequently, we are asked which of the River Road plantation houses is the best to visit. It’s a difficult question to answer since they are all so unique and interesting for different reasons. One of our favorites though is Houmas House, aka The Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road, or the Sugar Palace. People visit Houmas House for its history and its beauty. The architecture itself has stood the test of time, realizing the whims and fancies of its numerous owners over the past two and a half centuries of existence. It started, as all plantations (or farms) do, as a simple plot of land that was purchased from the Houmas Indians. Its first residence was a French carriage house whose charm and ambiance is currently enjoyed by diners at Latil’s landing restaurant. Construction on the main house was completed in 1828 and the estate sold about 30 years later to Irishman John Burnside. Under the ownership of sugar baron John Burnside, Houmas House became the largest producer of sugar in the country, hence the nickname

The Sugar Palace.  Learn more about Houmas House on a tour with us!