Grand Tour: Two Plantations & Pontoon Boat Cajun BayouTour

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Isabelle in front of Oak Alley Plantation

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Meandering along in a Cajun Bayou Pontoon Boat!

Grand Tour: Two Plantations & Pontoon Boat Cajun Bayou Tour

Price: $182 per person

8:00 AM to about 5:00 PM

This tour runs when we reach a minimum of 6 people.

A grand mélange presentation of Cajun and Creole cultures, our best combination of two Southern Louisiana plantations and the Cajun bayou. This tour includes:

  • Guided tours of both Oak Alley Plantation and Laura Plantation
  • Lunch
  • Meandering ride on a Cajun Bayou Pontoon Boat

Our small group van and excellent Driver-Guide will pick you up to begin a scenic drive out of New Orleans. As we journey along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, we prepare you for a pilgrimage back in time.  After a wonderful, 90-minute narrated ride, you’ll arrive in the Antebellum South to tour Laura & Oak Alley Plantations. Following a break for lunch, you’ll experience Cajun Country and a meandering ride along a Bayou!


Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation

Hear dramatic details about the charmed yet tragic lives of four generations of Creole owners and their slaves. After touring the Maison Principale, your visit continues to grounds surrounded by sugarcane fields. On your way to the formal Jardin Français, the kitchen garden, and Laura’s new Banana Land, you’ll see 12 restored buildings. The National Register of Historic Places memorializes these buildings, which once were homes to slaves.

This is the exact location where sobering events of human slavery happened, and you’ll hear stories passed on by generations. The Laura Plantation tour concludes inside one of the 1840s slave cabins where sugarcane workers lived until 1977. Here, the ancient west-African folktales of Compère Lapin, better known as the legendary rascal Br’er Rabbit, were recorded.

Laura Plantation Slave Quarters

Oak Alley Plantation

After Laura Plantation, a short drive upriver brings you to Oak Alley Plantation. A delicious lunch featuring Louisiana dishes is included at their Cajun restaurant. Menu:

  • House Salad with Vinaigrette dressing
  • Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
  • Red Beans & Rice
  • Flavorful Crawfish Étouffée with White Rice
  • Home-baked Rolls & Butter
  • Scrumptious Bread Pudding or Buttermilk Pie & Coffee.
  • *Vegetarian guests will receive Salad with dressing of choice, Vegetable Soup, Garden Plate and choice of dessert
  • *Vegan guests will receive Salad with oil & vinegar, Vegetable Soup, Sauteed Vegetables and Rice Plate, and fresh fruit for dessert.

Following lunch, your tour of Oak Alley Plantation begins. You will surely admire this Louisiana jewel of Greek Revival architecture. Guides will bring to life the stories of generations who lived on this land. They will share with you every detail of this mansion’s history since 1830. You will have some free time to walk around under a spectacular canopy of 28 giant live oaks thriving on the mansion’s grounds. Visit the reconstructed slave quarters and the “Slavery at Oak Alley” exhibits.

Tours by Isabelle. Small Group Plantation Tours. Oak Alley Plantation. The Oak Trees at Oak Alley Plantation.

Oak Trees at Oak Alley Plantation

Cajun Bayou Pontoon Boat Tour

Next, we’ll climb aboard for a narrated tour of the Cajun Swamp in a covered pontoon boat. This tour lasts about one & a half hours. The winding bayous of our remote cypress swamp will awe and inspire you. Our “Bayou Boeuf” area offers some of the most spectacular wetland scenery of all Louisiana’s swamps, marshes, and bottomlands. Your Cajun pontoon boat captain is also a fifth-generation professional alligator hunter and fur trapper. He has carved a living out of the area’s swamps, lakes, and bayous since boyhood. With unsurpassed knowledge, he has taught his three sons the art of making a living within their traditional Cajun Culture. Your guide loves to share his knowledge of this swamp with his guests. You’ll learn about reptile habits and healing plants. Watch for dangerous snakes and spiders that hide out of sight, and exotic birds too!

After this slow and peaceful ride, explore his picturesque swamp zoo on Bayou Boeuf.

Pontoon Boat Cajun Bayour Tour. Tours by Isabelle. You'll love Louisiana!

Pontoon Boat Cajun Bayou Tour