Looking for something to do this Saturday?  Get a ticket for Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day Live!  With it you will have access to free tours of both the Hermann-Grima House and the Gallier House.

The Hermann-Grima House and the Gallier House physically connect us to the New Orleans of the mid 19th-century–a romantic, decadent and mysterious time of wealth, culture, slavery, oppression, hurricanes and disease.  Juxtaposed with the affluence of antebellum luxury was an astoundingly stratified society of groups within groups, and with distinctions of race, gender, nationality, religion and social standing as complicated as any caste system. The city's environment, including unforgiving weather, sickly swamp conditions and rampant urban growth, created a dramatic backdrop for these intriguing tales. 

The Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses are not just National Historic Landmarks. These museums actively tell the story of the people who built the properties and the challenges they faced–the founding families, the Free People of Color and immigrant craftsmen who created the amazing interiors and the enslaved workers who ran the day-to-day business of the homes.

If you are going to miss Museum Day, don't worry! We can certainly include a visit of these historic homes on private tours. They are a perfect addition to the historic walking tours of the French Quarter.